Frequently Asked Questions

Inputting financial information into xero is part of the story and either you, the client, or a bookkeeper can do this. A Chartered Accountant looks for tax opportunities for you, helping you understand what the numbers mean for your business and work with you to help your business grow. We also make sure you don’t make costly mistakes.

Anyone can call themselves an accountant in New Zealand and if you just want a bookkeeping service that’s fine to use them. Chartered Accountants are up to date experts on the latest business and tax issues and are required to do 20 hours of structured continuing education each year. We have been rigorously trained and are members of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) body. Members are bound by a code of ethics and required to adhere to professional standards. We are subject to disciplinary procedures and subject to three yearly reviews of our practices. What does this mean? Peace of mind. You will definitely feel more confident dealing with expert advisers.

Firstly, we can help you create the right strategy to protect you and to maximise your tax opportunities. Secondly, we have the right software and systems to save you from tedious administrative time and provide invaluable information for you about your business. Thirdly, we share our expertise while working alongside you. We help you to understand the numbers and assist with budgeting and cash-flow management to get the results you want.

Please refer to Our Services to see the full range. We have a special interest in new business start ups, and using cloud technology to provide better and more real-time information for your business. We offer regular monitoring of your business reporting back to you in an easy to understand format.

We are professionals so our fees reflect that but our clients see the value in the sound New Zealand business services and accounting advice we provide. We also provide fixed price agreements with a regular monthly payment to assist cash flow and provide certainty of fees.

We like to keep in touch with our clients and our e-newsletter assists with that. Our policy of not charging for emails or phone calls to request for advice encourages clients to ring us during the year. If there is something of interest or benefit to our clients we will be in touch to keep you informed. Our fixed price agreements provides for 2 meetings a year but clients are always welcome to drop in.

  1. We save you time – with the right systems and handling your compliance work for you
  2. We save you money – creating opportunities for you and guiding you with areas of the business that can return more money to you.

Our ideal clients are experts in their fields and want to use us as a sounding board to support them in running their businesses. They want to leave us to do what we do best and save them time and make them more money. We help them with wealth creation with rentals and investments and safeguard their assets using trusts.

Short calls and emails are not charged but those requiring research and follow up and file notes will be charged. We need to make sure our advice is documented for later referral and to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are seeking advice in the meeting there will be a fee of $225 + GST per hour, payable within 14 days. This fee is credited to you when a letter of engagement is signed within the meeting, confirming that you have decided to become a client. If you have been referred to us and it is simply a meeting to confirm that we are able to work together, then the session is free of charge. Please confirm when making the appointment and we will let you know if you are required to pay a fee.

Range of small – medium sized businesses in various service and product sales industries. We also have a large selection of trust clients and rental and investment clients.

No. We just write to your existing accountant after you have signed the letter of engagement and add you to our agency.